“Curtis is a talented customer strategist. With his perceptive customer insights and ability to make them actionable, we were able to increase revenue by more than $26M annually. He gave us the tools to look at customers according to their value, and helped us move from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to a tiered model that more fairly and profitably captures revenue from customers receiving the greatest value from our products. As well, he helped us develop a unified product strategy that allowed us to capture more customers at varying stages of their business. Curtis is an absolute professional and excellent consultant. I highly recommend Curtis if you want help to dramatically grow revenues, acquire better customers, and do so at much greater profit.”

Shawna Gwin-KrastsFormer Group Marketing Manager, Intuit

“We expect to increase profits more than $20M this year as a result of Curtis’ work! He has a unique ability to discover why customers buy and create innovative marketing and sales activities that really work.”

Lance ParkerDirector, Strategic Pricing, Cardinal Health

“Curtis delivers valuable information with a lot of punch! His style is engaging and the strategies he shares are rich with practical steps you can take to deepen your company’s relationship with your customers.”

Kay PaineDirector of Programs, InnerCity Entrepreneurs

“During one of the worst economic downturns in decades, rather than focus on the doom and gloom, Curtis energized and encouraged our members to increase their profits by obtaining new clients while maintaining current clients. Curtis’ advice was practical and readily implemented the next day by the women business owners in attendance. The straightforward insights and interactive discussion resulted in everyone leaving the room with numerous proven ideas, positive outlooks, and a strategy for their businesses to succeed regardless of the economy.”

Cheryl GarrityPresident, New England Women Business Owners

“Curtis far exceeded the high expectations our members have for our speakers. His presentation on thriving in a challenging economy was relevant, timely and filled with highly useful ideas and strategies that participants could implement the next day. Curtis is responsive to audience needs and easily engages the crowd in dialog and active learning – key energy boosts in an after-dinner presentation! We have a very demanding membership and Curtis got high marks across the board for a content-rich and engaging talk.”

Lise Stahl BrownCOO, Networks Etc. & NEWBO Program Chair

“Curtis is definitely not your usual speaker! Curtis’ professional and unique approach to customer valuation held our very dynamic and demanding group spellbound. Once you experience Curtis’ presentations you will figure out any way possible to make him an extension of your business.”

Lisa K. MatthewsWomen Presidents Organization

“Curtis Bingham is the kind of speaker who audiences love. He is filled with great ideas about how you can improve your businesses through better intelligence. His insights are invaluable.”

Suzanne BatesCEO, Bates Communications

“Curtis’ passion and enthusiasm for his topic earned him a standing ovation!”

Eva DoucetteVP, Customer Relationship Management Institute

“A perfect 5/5 feedback rating–Curtis is excellent!”

Bob LevyFounder, Boston Product Management Association

“Curtis is a gifted speaker who presents with a rare clarity, conviction and keen eye for the motivation of his audience.”

Pamela WaiteVP of Programs, Society of Professional Consultants

“Curtis was superb! I strongly recommend Curtis to any group.”

Norman DaoustPresident, Independent Computer Consultants Association

“I’m very impressed with the strategic focus and insights that Curtis has brought to the organization. Curtis helped us to clearly see the impact of the decisions that our Board of Directors were contemplating. Thanks to the process that Curtis led for us, we were able to focus our marketing efforts on activities that benefited our entire membership.

The expertise that Curtis displayed can certainly benefit any organization committed to excellence.”

Rich NagleCEO, LNS Communications

“Curtis Bingham is one of the most action-oriented, enthusiastic people I’ve met in years. Since becoming part of our group, he has taken the lead in solving a critical issue we’ve struggled to resolve. Curtis broke through our organizational paralysis and created a strategic mindset that enabled us to better understand and serve the needs of our members.

Curtis has had a tremendous impact on the Yankee Clipper Council of BSA.”

Gary WilkinsonPresident and CFO, Tatum Capital Partners, LLP

“Curtis was able to capture the major problems that our company was facing and led us to a successful strategy. By taking the time to fully understand our business, his recommended solutions were right on the mark. He was able to shift the focus of our sales team to be more customer-centric, rather than product oriented. As a result, we are confident that our new strategy will deliver higher margin, higher value products, and enhance our position in the market.

I see Curtis as a trusted advisor, with the industry experience and maturity to develop practical solutions. His consulting advice works!”

Harry LalorVP, Product Management, Focal Communications

“Predictive Consulting has sharpened our marketing strategy and honed our message to both the venture capital community and to the marketplace. Curtis has helped us define our best opportunities and tell our story to the outside world. His careful competitive analysis, and patient interview process with our engineering staff led to the development of a much more clear focus for our company.”

Lyle ShirleyCEO, Dimensional Photonics