Customer Growth Strategy


Do you know:
Which of your key customers are preparing to leave?
Who are your most profitable customer and how to find more just like them?
Where to find your next big growth opportunities?

The most successful and profitable companies know exactly what it takes to make their best customers loyal. Better yet, they go beyond loyalty and help customers advocate AND participate in growing the business.

The key is a customer engagement strategy. Based on more than a decade of customer research and pioneering best practices of Fortune 500 companies, the customer growth strategy leverages engaged customers to advocate for you and help improve customer support, marketing, product innovation, and strategy.

What if you could:

  • Keep just one more key customer from leaving?
  • Convince a customer to significantly increase their purchase next year?
  • Receive invaluable referrals from each of your key customers?
  • Enlist customers to help your marketing and sales teams acquire new customers?

Our Customer Growth Strategy will help your business grow faster as you create powerfully loyal customers who are immune to competitive advances and actively invested in your success.

Let us help you engage your best customers in your business to reduce costs, increase revenue, and shape your future.

Curtis is provocative, passionate, and a true visionary in the customer engagement world. -Vicky Stennes, Vice President, JetBlue

To learn more, contact Curtis N. Bingham at 978-226-8675 or Brian Post at 978-697-5065

The Customer Growth Strategy

Predictive Consulting Group’s Customer Growth Strategy is based on a core principle: engaged customers are beyond loyal: they invest their discretionary time on your behalf by advocating for you and participating with you in strategic activities. They publicly sing your praise, refer friends, participate in advisory boards,help innovate, and shape strategy.

Do you need our Customer Growth Strategy?

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Typical Results

  • Identify customer dissatisfiers that threaten future revenue
  • Align sales and marketing to focus on the most valuable prospects with compelling value propositions
  • Engage customers in your marketing, sales, and innovation efforts
  • Identify the most important customer experiences to improve
  • Institute reliable customer loyalty metrics and establish baselines for improvement
  • Create a culture that engages both employees and customers

Protect your best customers and grow your business. Contact Curtis Bingham @ 978-226-8675 or Brian Post at 978-697-5065.

Curtis N. Bingham is the world’s leading authority on customer engagement and chief customer officers (CCOs). Based on more than a decade of research and best practices in Fortune 500 clients, Curtis developed the customer engagement metric as the next evolutionary step beyond customer loyalty. Curtis is the founder of the Chief Customer Officer Council and has worked with more than 200 CCOs in companies large and small from around the world.

Brian Post has successfully leveraged customer insight to grow the top and bottom-line for over 25 years. He is a seasoned operating manager and serial entrepreneur, focusing on driving growth and profitability by aligning operations more closely with customer needs.