Customer Centricity Diagnostic

Customer Centricity Diagnostic

Take our two-minute, ten-question diagnostic to see how customer centric you are

In this age of hyper-competition and demanding customers, the only truly sustainable competitive advantage is your ability to accurately understand customer needs and profitably satisfy them with a powerful customer experience.

How customer-centric are you?

Consider each of the following questions. Give yourself a score from 1 to 7, where 1 is Strongly Disagree and 7 is Strongly Agree with the statement.

    • We regularly solicit customer feedback to discover potential problems before they escalate.
    • I have a closed-loop customer issue resolution process, prioritizing and communicating status to customers.
    • Our key customers are highly loyal and wouldn’t consider competitive overtures.
    • Customers tell us that our products and services perfectly meet or exceed their expectations.
    • Our marketing and sales efforts are perfectly aligned with customer needs and buying behavior.
    • We know exactly which customers are the most profitable and what makes them different from the rest.
    • We regularly solicit and receive referrals from our best customers
    • We leverage my best customers to assist in our marketing and sales efforts
    • We actively involve customers in operational improvement and innovation activities

If the sum of your answers is anything less than ideal, your company is not very customer centric. You may not be adequately engaging customers or worse, you might be at significant risk of losing customers.

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Based on my work with the world’s leading Chief Customer Officers, I’ve created a more exhaustive diagnostic  to examine in detail each of 12 different areas of your company, from strategy to customer retention, acquisition, culture, and even innovation. Together we can accurately assess strengths and gaps in strategy & execution and create an actionable roadmap towards customer centricity.

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