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Curtis N. Bingham

"Let me help you engage your best customers in your business to reduce costs, increase revenue, and shape your future"


Grow REVENUE, increase PROFITS, shape your FUTURE by engaging your best customers in your business

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Take our two-minute,
five question diagnostic to see how customer-centric you are

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Drive powerful customer strategy throughout the organization with best practices of Chief Customer Officers

Are your customers truly loyal and engaged?

Are you successfully keeping your best customers?

Are you growing by strategically leveraging customers to help land prospects?

Predictive Consulting Group can help you dramatically increase revenue and profits by helping you:

  • Find and create loyal, engaged customers
  • Implement and manage the role of Chief Customer Officer
  • Build data-driven customer strategy to maximize customer value
  • Make customer-centricity a competitive advantage
  • Leverage powerful employee engagement to unify employees around customers

Contact us to learn how to engage your best customers in your business to reduce costs, increase revenue, and shape your future.


“If the council had existed then, I might have been able to accomplish in three years what took me six.” See More

Jeb Dasteel
Jeb DasteelSenior Vice President and Cheif Customer Officer

Service Offerings


Customer Growth Strategy

Learn how to remain relevant in the face of skyrocketing competition and activist customers, by strategically engaging customers in acquisition, retention, innovation, operational efficiency, and even in refining your
overall strategy.


Customer Centricity Diagnosis

How customer-centric are you? Take the 2-minute, 10-question test see where you can improve in your efforts to keep and acquire more of your best customers.


Chief Customer Officer

Learn what a Chief Customer Officer can do for you, how to measure effectiveness, and what you must do to ensure CCO success. If you are a CCO, learn best practices and consider coaching or mentoring.

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