PCG Customer Snapshot

It is rough out there. Competition is increasing and customers are at risk. Yet, as with any business challenge, you have a choice: be proactive and responsive, or be left behind. The winners will be those who adapt quickly to secure their best customers, while simultaneously identifying and relentlessly pursuing new opportunities.

The key to success is knowing which customers offer the greatest value and aligning your company to serve them exceptionally well. Earning their loyalty and finding more like them will strengthen your bottom line and pay dividends for years to come.

Predictive Consulting Group’s Customer Snapshot provides clear and actionable insight that helps you:

  • Identify and keep your best customers
  • Align marketing and sales to attract more of your most profitable and valuable customers
  • Develop new competitive strategies to defend prices and fend off hungry competitors
  • Correct problems that may be driving your best customers away
  • Identify product and service opportunities to better meet customer needs

The Customer Snapshot provides the foundation for sustainable growth, enabling you to stimulate
demand and increase profitability.

Let us help you not only survive the recession, but THRIVE now—and well into the rebound.


What if You Could Grow Sales by 256%?

The most successful companies are rewarded for taking advantage of the opportunities the recession provides. We can help you uncover your best opportunities, right now, so you can strengthen your company’s top and bottom line.

Which of Your Customers Are Creating Value?

Research has shown that as many as 25% of your customers are actually destroying value, making it imperative to identify and keep your best customers at all costs. You can’t afford to lose even a single one of your value creators.

Learn which customers are creating value, the critical actions you must take immediately, and how you can cut costs without damaging customer relationships.

Contribution to Value

What Do Your Customers Truly Value?

While price is always a consideration, now more than ever, you need to ensure you know exactly what your customers truly value about your products and services, so that your competitor’s price isn’t the only thing customers focus on. If you focus your precious resources on these areas, you will be able to do more with less, and fend off hungry competitors.


The Customer Snapshot Provides:

  • Prioritized list of your best and most profitable customers
  • Analysis of what your customers value the most about you
  • Summary of how you compare with key competitors
  • Critical “dissatisfiers” that your customers are unhappy with
  • Recommendations for new product/service opportunities

Let us help you quickly and systematically identify your ideal customers and what they expect from you. With the help of our Customer Snapshot program you will not only survive the recession, but THRIVE!

To learn more, contact either Curtis Bingham at 978-952-0047 or Brian Post at 978-697-5065
CBingham Curtis N. Bingham specializes in developing profitable customer strategies based on real customer insight. He has discovered millions of dollars in hidden profits for Fortune 20 to the smallest startup companies. curtis@predictiveconsulting.com
BPost Brian Post has been successfully leveraging customer insight to strengthen businesses’ top and bottom lines for over 25 years. He is a seasoned operating manager and serial entrepreneur. He focuses on driving growth and profitability by aligning operations more closely with customer needs. brianpost@predictiveconsulting.com

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